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Lucía Betancur


Through the death of her father, Moraima Simarra will immerse us in the Lumbalú, a funeral ritual that takes place in San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia—the first free African town in the Americas—exposing the way to transcend through music, singing, dancing, and prayers.

Director's Statement

Lumbalú is a poetic look at death, life, and a community that struggles to maintain its traditions, language, and history.

It is a film that tells us about the death of a Father through the voice of the women who accompanied him throughout his life: his daughter Moraima and his wife Concepción. This story of his funeral helps us understand the ritual that takes place in the town of San Basilio de Palenque, providing a way to transcend the afterlife and explore the power of music, song, dance, and prayers in the departure of a loved one.

This is a heartfelt look at Caribbean Colombia, an exhibition of a face of Latin American culture that fights each day to be remembered with love and gratitude.


director & editor Lucía Betancur producer Natalia Tamayo executive producer Mariana Velasquez Aguirre line producer Maria Fernanda Guisao Mesa distribution Natalia Tamayo Restrepo researcher & script Mariana García Ospina writers Lucía Betancur Montoya Mateo Londoño Mesa graficadora Maria Fernanda Guisao Mesa cinematographer Mateo Londoño Mesa camera assistant & gaffer Johan Beltrán sound Andrés Felipe Roldán sound editor Mario Alfonso Izquierdo co-producers 0301 films, Punto8 Audiovisual CiNEOLA consultant & cultural curator Mili Pardo Piñeres

special thanks José Gregorio Henriquez Gomez, Moraima Cimarra Hernandez, Concepción Hernandez Navarro, Eduin Valdéz Hernandez, Jesus Natividad, Andreus Valdés Torres, Rosalina Cañates Pardo, Dorina Hernandez, Yeralin Casseren, Rafael Cassiani Cassiani, Christian David Correa, Don Toribio, Doña Petrona, Guardia Cimarrona, Escuela de música y danza Batata, Casa de la cultura “Graciela Salgado”, Corporación Cantos del Río, Coberturas LTDA, Alejandro Alzate, Daniel Domiguez